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Windows Server Netlogon Exploit Code Publicly Exposed

Windows Server Netlogon Exploit Code Publicly Exposed

Evilnum hackers targeting financial firms with a new Python-based RAT

Evilnum hackers targeting financial firms with a new Python-based RAT

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Found 5 results

  1. DOWNLOAD LINK : [Hidden Content] mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 Hello today, I'm going to introduce BlackBullet and its new mode of operation! This software was not created by the community this is a crack so potentially bindd with a virus! Use this software via a virtual machine! What's blackbullet ? At the first opening, you have: We can see The BB File and a "Converter" !! Explanations: BB in version 2.0.2 works with Configs in ==> .ini (original) BB in version 2.1.6 works in config ==> .bbc (encrypted) You understand it, this Converter serves you: * Either to change a config .ini in .bbc, or from .bbc to .ini Go on, we continue ==> Open the folder ==> BlackBullet 2.1.6 Cracked In this Dossier, we find: A folder ==> Combos A folder ==> Configs A folder ==> Proxies So you can accommodate your own Combos and Proxies !! We have everything at hand ... VERY IMPORTANT !!! Check that you have the file ==> Launcher.exe !! If not look in your Anti Virus, it is possible that he quarantined it ... (Nothing to fear though, it's a fake!) B / Launch of BB Now we will launch BB, to use ==> Launcher.exe You have several windows that start !!! The !! You click on ==> Login And that's BB in its Version 2.1.6 !! Come on, let's see the top tabs already: I will detail: * Configs Your chosen config is there !! WordLists ==> Combos As on the picture, We will search for it (Add), we name it, The Type, Purpose = Mix and ==> Accept !! Result: * Proxies If your Proxies are loaded at the end of the Manipulation, that must give it !! At this level, you can check them if you wish !! I pass directly ... Last Tab ==> BruteForcer !! First load Config ==> Select CFG Then the Combo ==> Select List At this moment you must have this !! Check a Last Time: Config The Combo Number of Bots - Normally they are determined in Auto if the Config is well done, otherwise Regulate yourself Bots !! * Your Proxies will appear as soon as you click ==> on Start !! If everything went well !! You should have a BB that looks like this in a running state ... Last Explanation on the Infos which are All right !!! COMBOS: Total = The Number of Accounts that is Tested Hits = Your HITS !!!!! Free = The Accounts that are here, are usually Accounts that ask for to change the Pass, When Connecting. Bad = Bad Retries = As under Sentry, The Relaunch of the Software (Sort of Rééssaie !!) PROXIES: Total: The number of your proxies Alive: Those who are on the move Banned: Those who are banned Bad: Those who are Bad CPM: Combo Per Minute !! this often expresses the "Health" of your Config They are more or less high !! If it stays Zero ==> Config Tired or Dead !! Here is this tutorial ends, I hope to have helped you to like Black Bullet !!
  2. Hi today I'll show you how to crack Wi-Fi w/ airgeddon. you can find the tool here : [Hidden Content] What is airgeddon ? airgeddon is a tool with many options, it can do many things, and by many different ways. Here is an example of the attack that you can do with it: How to proceed ? First you will need to install a lot of dependencies as you can see I don't have all of them, but if you are on a Kali-linux distro you will normally have most of them. Even if you don't have all of them (like me) you can still run the script and make attacks. So after choosing a Network interface, you should put the interface on monitor mode. Like following: select the option 2 and then normally you'll get this: then you can choose whatever attack you want on the list: En then enjoy. Leave a like ?
  3. This is fluxion it's a useful tool to enter on a Wi-Fi network you can get it here : [Hidden Content] Here are some useful information from the README.md Requirements A Linux-based operating system. We recommend Kali Linux 2019.4. An external Wi-Fi card is recommended. How it works Scan for a target wireless network. Launch the Handshake Snooper attack. Capture a handshake (necessary for password verification). Launch Captive Portal attack. Spawns a rogue (fake) AP, imitating the original access point. Spawns a DNS server, redirecting all requests to the attacker's host running the captive portal. Spawns a web server, serving the captive portal which prompts users for their WPA/WPA2 key. Spawns a jammer, deauthenticating all clients from original AP and luring them to the rogue AP. All authentication attempts at the captive portal are checked against the handshake file captured earlier. The attack will automatically terminate once a correct key has been submitted. The key will be logged and clients will be allowed to reconnect to the target access point. For a guide to the Captive Portal attack, read the Captive Portal attack guide Leave a Like ?
  4. Here is a Multi checker with him you can use your Combo on netflix, Zenmate, Pornhub and many others (without configs) LINKS: Mine (i put a 1.5million combo (not private)): [Hidden Content] Some others that i find: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] If you want Proxies free go on this website: Proxy List Leave a like
  5. Here is OwnedCracker 37 it's another multi checker tool (no config needed): LINKS: [Hidden Content] If you want Proxies free go on this website: Proxy List Leave a like
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