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Windows Server Netlogon Exploit Code Publicly Exposed

Windows Server Netlogon Exploit Code Publicly Exposed

Evilnum hackers targeting financial firms with a new Python-based RAT

Evilnum hackers targeting financial firms with a new Python-based RAT

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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm gonna show you who to make a phishing attack. (Phone message vector) It's basic so no knowledge in computer programming needed (but better with...) What are we gonna do ? -We are going to send a message at different people with linked to a phishing page -And all that with a computer (even the message) Steps: -First either you have your own phishing page either you go on website with default phishing page like [Hidden Content] and other... -Create an acc / start your DB -Then Send a message like "We saw that someone try to connect to your Facebook account please log you in with this link : Facebook.phishing.fr to disconnect the malicious person" -You can Send the message with this website: [Hidden Content] /!\ Disclaimer : You can't receive the answer + the used number is 37208 Now just wait for the victim to log in Leave a like
  2. Hey, I'm gonna be showing you how to take the proxy lists of Web-Sites , and make them under the form IP:PORT on a .txt format. for the example i take this proxy site: [Hidden Content] So we need , - ParseHub (create a account and download):[Hidden Content] - The URL of a proxy list website, here :[Hidden Content] - Microsoft Exel (activated), to install and active : [Hidden Content] Once you have installed parsehub, launch it, click on "New Project": Then paste the url of the website, and click on "Start project on this URL" know you have this page in front of you: After as you want, on my site you can select how many IP do you want just select here : So to select the IP click on the "+" a the right of "select page" there : then select the first IP by clicking of her after the click all the text became yellow and that's normal, just click on the second IP: So now you can click on "Get Data" and at the right of "Get Data" you have a preview of the data: that what it's look like when it's good: We have almost finish, now click on "Run": Now to make the data in .txt format select the "CSV/Exel" download one. (but you can select API if you want to do something else) -open the file with Exel -click on "File" -then Export -modify file type -Select the .txt one And click on Save As. (if you want to do that a week later don't be scared the project in parsehub as been created so you just have to re-select the project and most of the part are already done for you ) So that all for this tutorial, Leave a like if you like it
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