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Windows Server Netlogon Exploit Code Publicly Exposed

Windows Server Netlogon Exploit Code Publicly Exposed

Evilnum hackers targeting financial firms with a new Python-based RAT

Evilnum hackers targeting financial firms with a new Python-based RAT

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  5. Hello, Debugging software / hardware is not the subject of this forum. And please, talk only in english here. I let you search here : stackexchange.com , kali.org , superuser.com Personnaly, i think kali on Virtual Machine is sufficient for almost everything, even wifi test. I hope you understund.
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  9. Hi Nanou and Welcome here !
  10. Personnaly i modify the listen IP from to on my VM for check some time the vulnerability directly for my host
  11. Hi, Nice tool with a lot of website for search, thanks !
  12. Hi and Welcome floflo ! (sur le forum on privilégie l'anglais) Thanks to accept the rules
  13. Nice strat ? actually we can't send on french country with this website
  14. SC_z

    python Login page

    Hi, link death
  15. Hi, Thanks for the tricks very usefull , didn't know parsehub . Idk why, but i could have a result of only 30 lines when selection was of 500 lines ? So i just copy the 500 line -> excel Paste -> Click On the column , copy -> file txt past -> cat <file.txt> | grep ":" > file_clean.txt cat file_clean.txt | wc -l result : 500 Thanks for the share ! Now we need a solution for test every IP from the list on [Hidden Content] that tell you if your IP is hide or if the proxy let know the origin IP with the " X-Forwarded-For " header. Exemple : -> don't have X-Forwarded-For header -> have it ... In this website there is a column " nonymity " NOA - non anonymous proxy, ANM - anonymous proxy server, HIA - high anonymous proxy I guess this (not sure): NOA : keep your IP in database , track your searchs and let know the origin source ANM : keep your IP in database, track your searchs HIA : i hope do nothing
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